With the summer term drawing to close and excitement growing about the new Sixth Form and Arts Centre which is due to open in January 2020, groups of Oxford High School students and staff were given the opportunity to take a tour inside the new building.

The new building and remodelled external setting will provide the school with state of the art, generous, flexible, dynamic, adaptable and inspirational spaces, which can be used for teaching, exhibitions, performances and events, with the Sixth Form Social and Lecture Space at ground floor providing the potential for third party and community use.

The new facilities seek to promote educational excellence, architecture and spaces of the highest quality, a building that performs well and reflects the vision and aspirations of the School and Girls Day School Trust (GDST).

During the tour, staff were particularly impressed with the natural light provided by the floor-length windows in the art rooms and with the striking geometric shapes in the atrium made by the light wells from the first floor. They can’t wait to see the project develop further over the coming months and see the input of students into the landscaping and interior design.

Oxford High School’s new Sixth Form and Arts Centre is the latest in a long line of projects that EWA have designed for Girls Day School Trust (GDST), with past projects at Howell’s School and Blackheath High School, as well as award-winning projects at Newcastle High School for Girls and Notting Hill & Ealing High School.

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