Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

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We were commissioned to partly remodel and completely refurbish the neo-classical university building in central Tbilisi. The main entrance had to be upgraded to a representative, public area with an administration desk and a bookshop.

The former sports hall in the centre of the building had to be converted to a 2 storey library with a modern equipped resource centre, an open-access-area and a double height reading room.

Located over the library the lecture hall had to be modernised, including an acoustical improvement, a modern lighting, sound and stage control system.

On the second floor the domed chapel was to be converted to a museum with many objects, artefacts and photos relating to the university. We developed flexible, modular showcases that allows a multiple use of the museum space. For the seminar rooms, smaller auditoria and meeting rooms, a new furniture layout had to be designed. Furthermore we developed in cooperation with a Georgian designer a new guidance system.