St Anselm’s College Food Hub

St Anselm's College food hub exterior

This award winning project for Wirral Metropolitan Council is a stand-alone building set within the grounds of St Anselem’s College, Birkenhead delivering a much needed Food and Technology teaching space as well as creating a new connection to an under-used part of the wider site.

The form and concept was developed alongside meaningful engagement with the students who used the design and construction process as part of their studies.  The building is simple in plan and uses a robust and bold palette of materials that reflects the excitement surrounding the subjects of study.  The simple box is rotated in section to provide light and volume to the practical food prep area, which is the main focus of teaching.  The building utilised the DCSF Initiative to establish practical cooking spaces in secondary schools to support the introduction of compulsory food technology at Key Stage 3.

The building has been well received by teachers and students, and has won several recognised accolades.

Winner RIBA Northern Network Silver Awards 2011
Winner RIBA Northern Network Awards Client of the Year 2011
Winner Green Hero Award 2010

“The project was run professionally and was delivered on time and within budget….. the project resulted in a number of awards including a regional RIBA award”

David Armstrong, Chief Executive Wirral Council

St Anselm's College food hub entrance
St Anselm's College food hub exterior
St Anselm's College food hub interior

Photographer & Copyright: Infinite 3D