Oakley Vale Primary School

Oakley Vale entrance

The school was commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council and is a single storey 420 place, two form entry primary school for pupils aged 4-11yrs, located in Oakley Vale, a development area on the edge of Corby. The school is in the northwest corner of its site, the highest spot from a topographical point of view.

The initial concept for the design of the primary school was based on natural informality in nature. This concept informed the buildings form and its relationship to the landscape.

The plan groups the various teaching spaces of the school together in key stage blocks. The blocks are laid informally across the contours of the site with the learning and resource centre placed at the heart of the school.

The school’s community room, hall and administration are positioned facing the main access road with easy access for the community. The school also includes a number of low energy features including a biomass woodchip boiler.

“The design has provided the Council with an excellent new Primary School.”

Kay Ringwood, Capital Projects Officer Northamptonshire CC