Moxy Hotel Berlin BER

Moxy Hotel Berlin

Moxy is a new hotel chain within the three-star hospitality sector and is part of the Marriott Hotel Group.

The design of the 6 storey high U-shaped hotel includes 236 bedrooms. A central foyer hosts the reception and opens up to a dining area and meeting zone. The structural-glazing façade all along the lounge enables a light and open area for the hotel guests.
Due to the direct adjacency to the airport, great value is set on the choice of sound absorbing material of the external shell.

The main construction concept is based on an offsite construction principle. The building is constructed from prefabricated modular hotel room elements, which are produced at factory, then transported and designed to be quickly assembled on the construction site. A typical standardized room module arriving on site consists of one hotel room together with a fully-equipped wet-box element. The primary structure of the modules consists of cross-laminated timber.
As the room modules are completely pre-fab, the corridors, public zones, general technical rooms, façade cladding and roof sealing are to be erected on site.

The modular concept of timber elements is planned to fulfill the standards of a green and sustainable design.

Moxy Hotel Berlin
Moxy Hotel Berlin