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  • +44 1928 752 200
  • Wellfield
    Chester Road
    Preston Brook
    WA7 3BA
  • +44 20 7841 7200
  • Unit 306 Brickfields
    37 Cremer St
    E2 8HD
  • +44 161 359 6797
  • Suite 417
    Blackfriars House
    St Marys
    M3 2JA
  • +44 151 708 1802
  • Unit 620b
    Cotton Exchange
    Old Hall Street
    L3 9LQ

Legal Imprint

Legal occupational titles, granted in UK: Architect. All directors are registered with the Architects Registration Board of UK (arb) and charted architects (RIBA).
For applicable professional rules contact
Ellis Williams Architects Limited VAT No: 151 7850 63
Registered under the Companies Act 1985 as Ellis Williams Architects Limited; Company No. 03818904 in the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.
Directors, authorised to represent Ellis Williams Architects:
Julian Baker: Architect, arb no. 055663G
Alan Cain: Architect, arb no. 044489H
Mark Evans: Architect, arb no. 060846G
Tim Brown: Architect, arb no. 065216D
Rob Freeman: Architect, arb no. 059679E
Neil Adshead: Architect, arb no. 061777F
Dominic Williams: Architect, arb no. 059489J
Sarah DeLucia-Crook: Director Business Development