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We have a passion for creating
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Unsere Passion ist das Entwerfen von Gebäuden und Räumen, in denen sich Menschen wohlfühlen. Unsere Haltung ist gemeinschaftlich, enthusiastisch und anspruchsvoll. Unsere Ergebnisse sind getragen von der Fähigkeit des Zuhörens und der Umsetzung der Anforderungen und Wünsche des Bauherrn.


This project for The Girls Day School Trust,  the UK's leading network of independent girls' schools with over 3,600 staff and nearly 20,000 students between the ages of three and 18 is one of a number of projects for the Practice since 2010. 

Project Description  

Two schools coming together to form Newcastle High School for Girls. The school ‘will be the strongest in the North-East, and without doubt one of the leading girls’ schools in the country’.

The two schools have various sites across Brandling Village. A Masterplan was developed to determine the best way to develop the sites to create a new vibrant and cohesive school. The majority of the school will be located on the Church High Tankerville terrace site. Here, the project consists of the total refurbishment of the existing Victorian building (including a three storey infill with a vertical core to provided level access to all floors), and a new 3 storey building to provide a state of the art hall/theatre, a city centre style café/dining area, general classrooms and a suite of science classrooms located on the top floor with access to a terrace for outdoor teaching. The ground floor also features a fitness suite facing the games court. The scheme has been carefully designed to fit within its Conservation area setting and has received praise from English Heritage and Newcastle Conservation Advisory Panel.

Christine Chapman, Head of Year and English Teacher at the school is using the following links to keep everyone updated on progress as well as giving interesting background information on the history of the school :






Mark Evans

DirectorMark Evans

Joined EllisWilliams in: 1996

Qualifications: BA(Hons) DipArch ARB RIBA

Initially working mainly within the commercial sector where he quickly developed his passion for contemporary modern design with  an innovative, proactive approach to problem solving he relishes the challenge that each individual project brings.

Promoted to the position of associate in 2000 and subsequently to a director in 2007, Mark has developed a wide and ranging portfolio of completed projects including cinemas, theatres, sports facilities, retail and residential developments.  Over the last 5 years Mark has worked exclusively in the education sector where he has been able to channel his previously acquired skills in commercial projects to great effect due to an increasing emphasis on community provision and the remodelling and reuse of existing facilities to meet current day educational requirements.

Mark enjoys the dialogue with end users and stakeholders and is experienced in integrating their various requirements to produce functional good quality design. He has won RIBA architecture and Civic Trust awards and has led design competition winning teams for the  De Montfort University campus centre building and more recently St Helens college town centre redevelopment.

More recently Mark has  played an active role as technical and client design advisor for a number of local authorities, assisting their own in house teams to review their educational estate and inform their strategy for change process from inception to completion through the building schools for the future programme. 



+44(0)1928 752 200

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Mark Evans's selected projects

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Northwich Memorial Court is a £15m new Lifestyle Centre for Northwich.

Notting Hill and Ealing High School for Girls

Notting Hill & Ealing High School is a complex new build and remodelling project within a live school environment.

St Helens College


The brief was to redevelop, extend and remodel the 17,500sqm town centre campus over 2 phases at a cost of £41m.

The Sutton Academy

The Sutton Academy is a new project to remodel and extend the existing secondary school (11-18 age group) which serves the community in the south central area of St Helens.

Walkergate, Durham

The Walkergate mixed use commercial site lies immediately adjacent to the historic centre of Durham.

Pablo Iglesias

Design AssociatePablo Iglesias

Joined Ellis Williams in: 2002

Qualifications: Architect CPAU (Argentina), Architect RAIA (Australia), Architect RIBA (UK)

Pablo studied at the prestigious BA University where he also taught Design and Urban Design. While in Buenos Aires he won three prizes in design competitions and a scholarship for a design workshop with Peter Eisenman. 

In 1995 he moved to Australia where he won several design awards  and acted as Juror for the Awards programme and Speaker at conferences. 

In 2002 he moved to England where he joined EllisWilliams Architects.

Pablo then started to design and deliver projects in the master planning, arts and education sectors, including Longley Park Sixth Form College and Mostyn Gallery which  won RIBA Awards in 2005 and 2011 respectively.

He has a long held interest in public and social spaces and how they can be designed to stimulate social interaction and participation. For Pablo, this is relevant when designing masterplans or public buildings, as in the case of his designs for Abraham Moss Centre and Gorton Educational Village.



+44(0)1928 752 200

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Pablo Iglesias's selected projects

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The Manchester Health Academy

The 720-place Manchester Health Academy is a new high school developed as part of Manchester City BSF programme; one of 6 ne

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